Psychogenic Causes

Psychological stress results in impotence / erectile dysfunction. This is because stress results in production of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, the effect of which hinders erection and arousability. 


Stress may be due to

  1. Performance Anxiety: where one is too anxious about his sexual performance and fears failure to the extent that he thinks about it during intercourse. His mind becomes pre-occupied with performance evaluation rather than sexual pleasure, which leads to fading of erection. When this happens once, one becomes more worried about his performance and thinks about it more often and deeper, leading to more failures, which in turn lead to more worries and pre-occupation. and so forth. This is the most common cause of psychogenic impotence / erectile dysfunction.

  2. General stress: work stress, financial burdens and general preoccupation and exhaustion result in psychological stress and accordingly impotence / erectile dysfunction.

  3. Lack of self confidence, a negative body image such as the preoccupation with one's penis being too small or one's breast being too large.

  4. Depression, schizophrenia.

  5. Interpersonal Conflicts: this is when one has a negative feeling about the female partner, due to social disagreements, dislike to partner's body image, smell...etc, preoccupation with another body image or attitude other than that of the female partner, or when there is high demand  for sex on behalf of the female which cannot be coped with by the male.

  6. Misconcepts about sex: negative religious or social  ideas about sex, being a sin, a crime..etc

  7. Childhood Trauma: psychological trauma in childhood may result from rape or from an aggressive parental response to discovering the child masturbating or exposed to pornography.

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