Diagnosis of ED

Do you really have erectile dysfunction? how sever is it? What casues it? 

ED is a diagnosis that has prerequisites. It also has several grades and a multitude of casuses. How do you tell?


In order for erectile dysfunction to be diagnosed, there needs to be failure to obtain or maintain erection in more than fifty percent of trials at intercourse. As for the grade of ED, several questionnaires exist to aid diagnosis including the abbreviated version of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5).

If you are proven to have ED, its cause should be identified in order to avoid further impotence and to help successfull treatment, especially that some of the causes of ED may cause serious health problems if ignored, diabetes and hypertension being examples. 


You  can differentiate between psychogenic and organic casuses of erectile dysfunction on your own! If you witness rigid erections when you wake up, that last for a couple of minutes and recurr every couple of days then you probably have normal mechanism of erection and the problem is mostly psychogenic., which can be alleviated by releiveing daily stresses and interpersonal distress, or medical help. If not, or if you are unsure, there are diagnositic investigations that can identify and confirm the casue, or your physician may choose to start an initial course of erection enhancing medication as a therapeutic test. It is very important to identify organic casues and treat them not only to restore erectile function but also to protect one from their health risks. 


The most basic tests include measuring blood pressure, blodd sugar level, blood lipids and testosterone/prolactin levels. Further advanced tests include intracorporal injection (ICI) which is an injectable medication that should produce excellent erection on the spot in psychogenic cases, Ultrasound/Duplex studies that test the blood flow in the penis which constitutes the mechanism of erection, among other tests. Most tests can be performed and the results retrieved in the same day.

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