Phosphodiesterase inhibitors


Phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDEi) are medications that increase blood flow to the penis. 

Erection occurs when the penis is full of blood that is trapped within. PDEi's increase the concentration of the erection-inducing Nitric Oxide (NO) by inhibiting Phospodiesterase which breaks down NO.


Oral PDEi's work within one hour of intake and produce readiness for erection upon stimulation, meaning that you neither get spontaneous erections nor continious ones, but rather erection that starts when you are sexually stimulated and last upto ejaculation and possibly a but afterwards. This readiness for erection lasts from three to thirty six hours depending on the medication used. PDEi's will work as long as there is sexual desire and as long as there is a bare minimum of healthy erectile tissues and blood vessels that feed blood in to the penis to fill it up.

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